Covid-19 Statement

As a firm, we have taken steps to support our staff, clients and contacts in keeping as safe as possible.  All of our staff have been set up to work remotely, and are continuing to offer a fully functioning service with limited disruption.  We offer telephone, Skype or Zoom consultations for all new and existing clients and we are in frequent communication with the Court service and our professional colleagues at the Bar to limit disruption.  We have always delivered a high standard of service and will continue to do so despite these unprecedented circumstances.

In particular:

  1. We have given notice to all firms involved in ongoing litigation with our clients that until further notice we do not accept service of any documents in hard copy (post or DX), but only by email.
  1. Despite the above, we are regularly attending our offices to monitor post and to collect hard copy documents where required.
  1. We have a fully operative remote set-up which provides us with access to our entire computer system (as if we were in the office itself).
  1. Our existing telephone system was already designed to work with all employees working remotely and has continued to function as normal.
  1. Our accounts team continues to monitor and manage client and office funds and settle disbursements where required.
  1. We are in direct communication with Court staff,  and wherever the Court has put in place electronic communication measures we are utilising them.
  1. We are not in any sense limiting our services and we are open for business as usual and more than happy to assist new clients or existing clients with new queries.  We are keen to ensure that Covid-19 does not limit or prevent your access to legal services.
  1. We are ensuring that we are up to date with the latest government guidance in relation to the use of the Courts and access to justice, and in particular the divorce process and rights to access with children.
  1. We are continuing to act with the utmost respect for confidentiality and remain committed to our GDPR obligations.