Mediation on Zoom


As a result of the pandemic and lockdowns, everyone has had to adapt and to an extent, change the way in which they work.


This has been especially so where family mediation is concerned.  Historically, mediation meetings would only take place face to face in the one room or in separate rooms. But it was always in person.  Since the pandemic, mediations have been taking place on Zoom and very successfully.  Zoom has enabled couples to mediate in separate rooms, albeit on the same screen which has made the process more comfortable for some. It has also meant that couples where one or both are abroad can mediate without having to travel.  Indeed, couples in different parts of the UK can now mediate with a specialist family mediator in London as personal attendance at meetings is not required.


As we emerged from pandemic life and went back to working regularly in offices, the best of both worlds could be achieved. We conduct face to face meeting and online Zoom meetings or a mix of both.  All mediators at Alexiou Fisher Philipps offer both and will continue to do so.


The Zoom option is worth bearing in mind where couples are pressed for time and do not wish to add travelling time to their day or if one or both of them is abroad.